If nowhere appeared on a map of the Galaxy it would be spelled Beltane. An Imperial mining colony on the outer edge of the Outer Rim of the galaxy in the Elrood Sector. For years this inhospitable rock had been ignored by Empire and Republic before, until a valuable commodity the Imperials call Element P had been discovered Deep beneath the surface. In the years that followed the Empire has established a mining colony peopled mostly by slaves, prisoners, and indentured servents imported from all corners of the Galaxy. The imperials, and those who considered themselves free built up the area around the mine into a frontier town. The laxness of the Imperial presence, personified by Lieutenant-Supervisor Morrtiss Felle has allowed slaves and prisoners to move among the free. Life in the Beltane mines have always been dangerous, to touch Element P with your bare hands can result in serious harm and even the loss of a limb. Events of late have been particularly bad. Bodies or parts of bodies have been found daily, bloodied and ripped to shreds. What horrors dwell in this newly opened branch of the mines is anybody’s guess. Rather than put his own men , or his beloved battle droids, at risk, Lt Felle has issued a reward of freedom to any who can track down and eliminate the horror of the mine. Most aren’t willing to risk there necks, but you are willing. Death or freedom, both seem better than continued existence on this rock

Star Wars: The Cortosis Gauntlet